1206E-Post-Intervention Conditions (PICs): Step by Step

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Put your PIC knowledge to the test!

This interactive course provides the opportunity to code various levels of clinical cases from start to finish using the PIC steps, job aids and the Canadian Coding Standards for ICD-10-CA and CCI as your guide.

You’ll be led through the requirements for coding PICs. First, you’ll identify whether a PIC exists, then you’ll dig into the details to assign the most accurate set of codes and data elements for each clinical case.

Detailed feedback, activities, tips and coding standards references will help build your understanding and confidence along the way.

Whether you're new or experienced when coding PICs, this course will enhance your skills when coding more challenging scenarios.

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Learning type:
  • English - Canada ( en-CA )
Estimated duration:
2 hours
  • Most relevant to:
  • Coder
  • Data analyst
  • Decision-support analyst

  • May be of interest to:
  • Decision-support manager / director
  • Health information / records manager
Learning outcomes:
  • The content and activities in this product will help you:
  • Follow the sequential steps when assigning the set of codes and data elements for any PIC
  • Use the Canadian Coding Standards for ICD-10-CA and CCI and ICD-10-CA/CCI Folio Views when coding PICs to ensure accurate and consistent code assignment
  • Understand how to use the relevant job aids available when coding PICs
1206E-Post-Intervention Conditions (PICs): Step by Step - eLearning-SS13149E
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